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In mathematics, the use of natural numbers is considered (for example, "there are six coins on the table") and sort ("country's third largest city"). In the usual mathematical terminology, the terms used for the calculation are "cardinal numbers" and the terms used for the order are "normal numbers".

Some definitions, including the ISO [1] 80000-2, the non-negative integer 0, 1, 2, 3, ..., the natural number 0 correspondence and other positive integers 1 starts, which corresponds to first 2, 3, .... [2] [3] [4] [5] The text excludes zero from natural numbers, sometimes refers to the total number of n numbers as zero, but in other articles the term is used for an integer (for negative integer) Come on.

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Many other numbers from which natural numbers can be formed by the amount of expansion: each non-natural natural number of int elements with neutral element 0 and connector -versal (-n); (if not already present); Logical numbers (and also the production of this busy by int), including qualitative inversions (1 / n) for each non-zero integer; Real numbers, including the rules of Rational's Rational Strings (Convergence); Zero zero for a real number, an unresolved quadrangle (plus quantity and output); And therefore [7] [8] these extension chains make naturally connected natural numbers in other numbers.

The number of natural numbers, such as distribution and distribution of nature, is studied in theory. Problems related to calculation and order such as subdivision and calculation are examined in combination.

In general, for instance in grade school, a natural number can be mentioned-numbers [9] both can be mentioned but also calculate the underlying negative integer zero and continue the measurement on the actual number of inequality, also make

Natural numbers may sometimes appear as a proper set of names, i. H., Linguists predict minor numbers before many or all properties of mathematical meanings.

The oldest way to represent a natural number is to set the marker for each object. Later, mass can be tested for mass identities, overruns, or decreases, by pressing the marker and removing the object from the line.

Abstractation was the use of numbers to represent the first large forward numbers. It made it capable of developing a large number of systems to accommodate it. The ancient Egyptians developed a powerful number system with different hieroglyphs for 1, 10 and all ten powers had more than one million. From 1500 BC and now in the lower part of Paris, carved stone, 276 to 2 hundred, 7, 10 and 6 persons; And similar to the number 4.622. Using sixty Babylon base there, there was a space-value system based on numbers 1 and 10 so that the icon for sixty was the same as a symbol, its value has been determined by a significant reference. [13]

Very soon the development of this concept was that 0 points are counted as numbers. The use of 0 digits in the location value signal (within other numbers) is believed to be 700 BC by Babylonians. Returned However, it leaves the problem when it was the last symbol in the number. [14] The Olmec and Mayan civilizations used 0 as a separate number in the first century BC. However, this use did not spread beyond Mesoamerica. [15] [16] In modern times, grade 0 628 was used by Indian mathematician Brahmagupta. In medieval calculations but used as a number of (used to calculate the date of Easter) was 0, without which a figure for Dionysius Axigus has been represented by 525 (no icon for Roman standard characters 0); The Latin word for "none" was used to denote 0 values, instead of zero for Noula (or common form Noël). [17]



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